Turkana County is a county in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya.
Turkana is the largest County, by land area, followed by Marsabit County and also the northwesternmost county in Kenya.
It is bordered by the countries of Uganda to the west; South Sudan and Ethiopia, including the disputed Ilemi Triangle, to the north and northeast; and Lake Turkana to the east. To the south and east, neighbouring counties in Kenya are West Pokot, Baringo and Samburu Counties, while Marsabit County is located on the opposite (i.e. eastern) shore of Lake Turkana. Its capital and largest town is Lodwar. According to the 2019 census, Turkana County has a population of 926,976. Turkana County Government is one of the 47 county governments formed by the County Government’s Act in 2012 as prescribed in the Act and in the 2010 Constitution of Kenya. With its capital in Lodwar, the County Government of Turkana is a government for the people of Turkana and whose interests and aspirations are those for the people of Turkana.